Homecoming Feature Story: Shaw Universities Ms. Shaw U

This Homecoming feature story talks about Ms. Shaw U, the legacy she has left and also the passing of the crown and talks of next years Ms. Shaw U. With Ms. Salters, Head of student activities and Greek life. The interview mainly talks about what was involved in the ceremony of the passing of the crown. Also the traditions and trends set by this and previous ladies who had the privilege to have this title on the campus of Shaw University. This Miss Shaw mainly focused on helping out the community. She did so by helping out with organizations and she visited local elementary schools in the area. She also set a standard for future ladies that want to run in her position for future years as well!.


BEARS on the Rise

Recently I Interviewed three members of B.E.A.R.S, Chantel Wright(VP), Dr. Detine Bowers (Faculty Staff Advisor), and Tina Akunwafor (President) had a lot to say about the new club and its progress. On the campus of Shaw University, there is a lot of positivity going on! I’m glad to have highlighted the main movers and shakers. Bears is a social activism group on the campus and they hope to keep growing and spreading their message.
We’re in a critical time right now in america. With all of the police brutality, unheard voices, and the apprehension in the black community, its great that this significant group came about. this is exactly what we needed, especially on the campus of Shaw University. “Bridging the gap between students and faculty” can be quoted from what Chantel Wright said in the video which is important in a campus family. The ability for everyone to come together and unify to spread one message.
The Beginning of the 2015 fall semester is only the beginning for these young pioneers as they plan on growing the group BEARS for years to come! This was the start but the end is nowhere near in site. They often have summits which talk about all various topics, such as goals, relationships, how to empower each other for the greater good. Going forward they want to help break down communication apprehension and give everyone a voice to use and speak to not only help out with injustice but to bring up the race of people as a whole! So as BEARS continue to capture the eyes of young followers because the group is so young in age as well as the organization, they’re looking to team up with whoever they can to get the message across!